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Seventh Green Flag for Bunscoil Bhóthar na Naomh, 2020 - click here to view


Our Green Schools Campaign began in 2001 Green Schools programme is an educational programme designed to create an awareness of our environment and all it concern.  At the moment we have been awarded 3 green flags.  Our first flag was based on recycling and compositing of material.  Next was energy where we had to show a decrease in our energy bill in order to receive a green flag.  Our third flag was based on water consumption in the school and reduction of same.  We uncovered a huge leak under the school building which, when mended, resulted in a reduction of water consumption.

 Our 4thgreen flag which has a theme of TRAVEL .  Our aim was to reduce the number of students / staff travelling to / from school in private cars.  We had a WOW day Walk on Wednesday, each week and it was very successful. 

Our 5th Green Flag was on the theme of biodiversity.  We created a new garden space at the back of the school full of plants to attract insects.  We also had a "bug hotel", a pond and a wormery to encourage different species into our garden.

Our 6th Green Flag was on Global Citizenship Litter and Waste.  During our two - year term working to attain this flag, we re - focussed our attention to reducing waste and making our school ground litter free.  The Global Citzanship aspect of the flag helped us to realise that our actions will have an affect on the lives of other people on the world.  We learned about the Global Goals and how they impact on our lives.


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